American Exceptionalism and Civil Religion

51fi93hwfwl-_sx331_bo1204203200_At first look, I thought that this would be a stuffy and quite honestly boring book on a subject I am not interested in – Politics. But I “accidentally” purchased it and felt obliged to give it a try. Boy was I surprised!

I have to say that this book has forced me to think about many issues concerning my American identity and views that I hadn’t questioned before. Wilsey is not afraid to touch any “sacred cow” among Christian conservatives including President Reagan and Christian homeschooling materials. I’m so thankful that there is someone out there like Wilsey who is willing to look critically at the view of America as the “chosen nation.” I dare say that reading this book has had a great impact on my world view and for that I am greatly indebted to John Wilsey. I believe that the Christian church in America ought to take a close look at the issues he brings up and rethink what it means to be a “city on a hill.” We need to “differentiate the church from the nation while situating the church within the national community.” (p. 222)


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