Great story – sometimes hard to follow


This is the powerful story of Kevin Adams and his family and how they fell from their financial success and then how God brought them to total surrender through many challenges in their financial situation. They learned to completely trust in God as their provider and that story is awesome.

I gleaned many powerful thoughts from this book and some great insights concerning our relationship to God and waiting upon God’s provision. To see someone who has lived waiting upon God completely gives great credibility instead of simply teaching on it from the Bible.

Many have compared this book to “Blue like Jazz.” For me “The Extravagant Fool” doesn’t even come close to how “Blue Like Jazz” spoke to me and how easy it was to understand. I don’t know what it is, but I had to read some paragraphs two or three times to try and understand what Adams is saying. Am I slow? Maybe it’s all the metaphors? Maybe it’s because I’m not a businessman. I had a hard time understanding the story itself at times and what is concretely going on. Most difficult to understand are the numerous journal entries. It’s almost like he is speaking in some kind of code and I don’t know what that code is – that is, except for journal entry #23, which was filled with pithy sayings or lessons that are truly gems.

I don’t want this review to be totally negative because it’s a powerful story of God’s calling and leading. I have been amazed many times in this book to see how Adams had to literally lay his life on the line in faith – especially with this new calling of being a writer. I hope that he continues to write as God has called him and will be led to bless the body of Christ more than ever.

This book has been reviewed as a part of the Booklook Blogger review program. Thanks to Zondervan Publishers who provided a copy for review. I was not required to write a positive review.


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