Fearless by Eric Blehm


This is the true life story of Navy SEAL Adam Brown. This is truly an inspirational story as you see how one man is able to overcome so many obstacles to succeed at the highest level in the US military.

What is amazing to me is that this is a story of a crack cocaine addict who is able through the help of the Lord God to overcome his addiction which basically had destroyed his life. His focus on being the best he can be through the military and defending his country is amazing. Over and over again the principles of patriotism, hard work, being a team player, family, and of course serving God above all come shining through.

Although Adam Brown was by no means perfect, he is an outstanding role model for men today and I am very thankful his story is told. I hope that this story will inspire many others not to be a big hero in lifting themselves up but in being a servant to lift others and carry them. Selflessness is the core element seen over and over again in Adam’s life and that is what it is to follow after Christ.

We need more true life heroes like Adam Brown!


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Filed under Biography, Christian non-fiction

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