Surfing for God by Michael John Cusick

“Surfing For God” is a book for men who struggle in any way with pornography. Cusick’s main thesis is that men who are addicted to pornography are actually looking for the kind of satisfaction and joy that only can come from a relationship to God. About the first third of the book is spent reinforcing that point.

The last 2/3 of the book are much more practical and I felt like he gives teachings that are much more helpful. He nails issues very concretely and gives some very practical solutions. For example: Satan’s tactics, triggers which turn to pornography, crucial difference between guilt and shame, getting through urges to indulge, etc.

Throughout the book Cusick continually illustrates his points with real life examples – many men will be able to relate to this and realize that they are not struggling alone. Most importantly though, he gives examples of men who have been freed of the addiction to pornography and dramatically changed.

Finally, I think that the most powerful point he makes is that most men are missing out on the joy and beauty of the Lord God by being fooled that satisfaction can only be found sexually. Men need to learn to delight in the beauty and presence of the Lord.

I would recommend this book to any man whether you are addicted to pornography or rarely indulge in it. In today’s day, all men to some extent are faced with the temptation that pornography brings. Cusick gives powerful ammunition against it and practical teachings for a deeper, more satisfying relationship with God.


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