Our Last Great Hope by Ronnie Floyd

If you want to read a book written with passion and conviction, this is the one. Ronnie Floyd takes us on a whirlwind journey through the the Great Commission – the call of Jesus for his followers to go out into all the world and make disciples of Christ.  That is at the heart of this book and at the heart of everything that Floyd does in his life and this is what he calls us to do as well.

The book takes the reader through each sphere of existence and asks – how can the great commission be fulfilled here? From your personal life, to family, to church, to business. Are people hearing about Jesus?

Floyd does a wonderful job of expressing the urgency in “getting the word out” of the Gospel. For example, the statistics he gives reveal a stark reality of the world that is mainly not-Christian. Those numbers are shocking.

To some who have less conservative (he’s southern baptist) leanings, this book will probably be offensive. He assumes that no one can be saved who does not make a conscious profession of Jesus Christ as his Lord. Everyone else is going to hell. Many will be offended – but Floyd isn’t out to make friends, he’s out to save souls and warn them no matter what the cost.

And this is another thing I appreciate about this book – he walks the talk. Whatever Floyd writes about, is things that he is actually doing. It’s not just a “do this” “do that” handbook. His account is really – this is what has happened to me – it can be done. The book is packed with first-hand accounts of these amazing ministry “miracles.” Anything from starting a local ministry to Marshallese people for the first time, to sending out 2,000 of his people into missions ministry. Floyd’s vision is so huge and he reveals to us in this book that fulfilling the Great Commission isn’t just wishful thinking but that it can be realized here and now.

In a couple of the last chapters he touches on finances. This was very brave and I feel tactful. The point of his teaching and exhortation on the topics of tithing and self-sacrifice is not by any means a “get rich” scheme. But everything is in order to accomplish the Great Commission. I found it telling to read that his church decided to stop TV broadcasting in order to devote more money to missions.

The account here is so enthusiastic, so fruitful, so miracle filled, that I sometimes wonder what the ‘whole story’ is. Floyd never seems to have any struggles either professionally or personally with his family. Every single thing he does seems to miraculously fall in place. Part of learning from others is also learning from others frailties and struggles in hardship. I really missed that aspect. Real life is not all roses – be honest with us Floyd.

But in general, I found his view refreshing and balanced emphasizing local ministry, along with national, and international. As Floyd put it: “Jesus didn’t use the word or in the Great Commission. He spoke of ‘Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth’. It’s not a multiple choice question, but a to-do list.” Missions begins at home, and then goes out from there to every aspect of a Christian’s life.

Thank you to Thomas Nelson Publishers for providing this copy for evaluation. This is a part of BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program.


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